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Quarterly QMP Roundup

Quarterly QMP Roundup

By Corey Morrill

December 13, 2022

When it comes to dispensaries in Utah, it’s not hard to find what options are available. But what about when it comes to Qualified Medical Providers? We put together a short review of just some of the awesome Utah QMPs helping patients get their medical card, with more to come in the future. We also provide a resource so that you can find your own provider who may also be able to take your insurance. Let’s get started!

Green Team Doctors

First up we’ve got Green Team Doctors. Located in Cottonwood Heights, their office has a beautiful view of the valley from the sixth floor of the building they are located in. Green Team Doctors are a multi-state operating QMP office hiring local physicians for local patients. You can trust that they have more knowledge and support for their team than your average QMP because of that. And to help you get in the door easier at Green Team, we’ve asked them to reduce their renewal rate specifically for our patients.

$199 Initial Consult | $119 Renewal | $99 Renewal with code DFWGTD

Phone: 801-382-9006


Lotus Health And Wellness

Next we have Lotus Health And Wellness in Salt Lake City. Dr. Chan at Lotus Health focuses on a holistic, Eastern-style of medicine and does much more than just recommend medical cards, including ADHD treatment, palliative care, acupuncture, and more. Plus, their Direct Primary Care (DPC) members have the cost of their Utah medical cannabis cards included in their monthly fees. What is DPC? From the Lotus Health and Wellness website:

“Direct Primary Care aims to solve the common issues of rushed office visits, fragmented care, difficult access to physicians, and long wait times. Instead of relying on payments from insurance companies the doctor receives payment directly from the patients, through a monthly subscription fee. The simplicity of this relationship allows for easy access, personalized care and a true collaboration between patient and physician.”

$170 Initial Consult | $125 Renewal

Phone: 801-872-8846


Mountain West Medical Clinic

Last, but very far from least, is Mountain West Medical Clinic, who offer some of the best deals for uninsured patients in the state and are even able to do initial evaluations online. We’ll let their founder Amber’s words speak for themselves:

“Our team here at Mountain West Medical Clinic is committed to providing patients with the best possible care. We treat each patient that walks through our doors like family. From the initial consultation to guiding patients through the medical cannabis card process, we'll be there every step of the way. You can trust you're in good hands here!

I learned from an early age that helping others is simply what I was meant to do. I have seen medical cannabis work its magic with my own eyes. About 3 years ago, my daughter started having grand mal seizures. We’ve since learned that each episode starts with her seeing an aura, and the convulsions follow shortly after. By working with her team to provide her medical cannabis as soon as she starts seeing the aura, we’ve been able to halt the convulsions in their tracks. We’ve witnessed the impact that medical cannabis can make, and we want to share it with others.”

$130 Initial Consult | $50 Renewal

Phone: 385-281-9846


Healthcost Provider Tool

As always, we also encourage our patients to look for their provider using the state of Utah’s healthcost provider location tool at

We’ll be back in a few months with another quick list of standout medical providers!

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