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The New Dragonfly Novaa

Upgraded: The New Dragonfly Novaa

By Corey Morrill

March 20, 2023

You already love your Novaa battery, but get ready to add a couple more reasons why you should. The Novaa system you know and love, upgraded with secret ninja powers.

The silent and smooth auto-draw is still the feature you tell your friends about. Together with its ceramic-core heating element, Novaa is engineered to deliver top-notch vapor production.
We are so excited to announce some new tricks from an already solid platform.

Novaa can now preheat, which is particularly useful for thicker consistency oils, oils that tend to crystallize, and cold weather. Temperature is now adjustable from standard temp to a new high temp mode. These discrete features are accessible without any additional buttons. Simply double-click or triple-click the pod into the main battery and the status light indicates the setting you’ve chosen.

Novaa uses a convenient pod system where each pod connects securely via magnetics and a haptic feedback that is oh so satisfying. Pods are available in a variety of strains and potencies from Dragonfly, Betty, and more on the way. USB-C charging like all your modern devices and a 370mAh battery is there for the long haul.

Novaa is a sleek sidekick you’ll want by your side at all times. It's ready to deliver, discreetly, and can now deliver exactly the way you want it.

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