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Yes, Utah Has Cannabis: A Guide for Out of State Medical Card Patients

Yes, Utah Has Cannabis: A Guide for Out of State Medical Card Patients

By Corey Morrill

October 14, 2022

That’s right. Despite what you may have heard about us, there are medical marijuana dispensaries in Utah (though we call them pharmacies) right now. We may be famous for our mountains, our snow, and our national parks, but one day, we at Dragonfly Wellness hope to be famous for our cannabis too. And if you’re already a medical marijuana patient in your state it’s very much possible, and not all that difficult, to obtain a Utah medical card for the duration of your stay. So help yourself recover from your outdoor adventures or set your symptoms aside while watching a Jazz game. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps to get your Non-Utah Resident Medical Card (but you can skip to the end for the quick version).

The first step is to register with the state’s Electronic Verification System, or Utah EVS ( This will also require you to make a Utah-ID account so that you can set up a user ID and password to access the EVS and your medical card.

*Here we should note that the portion of this guide pertaining to the Utah EVS is in fact the most difficult part of becoming a Utah medical cannabis patient, local resident or otherwise. If you can stick it out through this you’ll be well on your way. However, if at any point you are having trouble, please feel free to call us for help or see the detailed guide at the end of this post.*

Once you have logged in to your EVS account you should be taken to the registration page. There you’ll select “Non-Utah Resident” under registration type which will pull up a list of basic information to be filled out. After clicking “Register” you will be taken to your Utah EVS account homepage. From here you will hover over the “Tracking Inbox” tab, drop slightly down to hover over the “Patient” tab, then click “New Patient”.

You’ll first be prompted to select whether you are applying for yourself or for a minor (patients under 21 must first present their case to the Compassionate Use Board but can still be given a Non-Utah Resident Medical Card). Then you’ll have to complete all of the fields in the Patient Information and Proof of Identity section by providing information from your state-issued ID or Driver License, and upload a copy of your state medical card. After you have completed all the information, click the “Save” button. Be aware that if any of the fields have been missed or improperly filled when you save, you may have to start the entire process again, so make sure to double-check.

With your patient information saved you should see your registration status move to “Awaiting Payment”. Ensure that your pop-up blocker is disabled or that the Utah EVS page is whitelisted as the payment process will require this. Click the “Payment” tab and then the blue “Click Here To Pay” button which opens a new window for you to input your payment information. When your payment is completed, the window will close and you will be brought back to the Payment page.

By clicking “Patient” in the link path directly above the Payment tab, you will be brought back to your patient information where you should see your registration status has now moved to “Awaiting State Review”. An approver with the Medical Cannabis program reviews these applications on a weekly (if not more frequent) basis. Pro-Tip: you can complete these steps ahead of time and email your travel dates to to ensure you are approved in time for your trip!

If your card is approved, you will be emailed a copy to print or download to your phone. A physical version of your card WILL NOT be mailed to you. You must print it yourself or ask our pharmacist to do so on your first visit. And although you are allowed to present your card digitally as a download or directly from the Utah EVS, we strongly recommend printing a physical copy.

With a Utah Medical Card in-hand you’re almost ready to start buying locally grown and crafted medical cannabis products. The last thing you need to do is visit our pharmacy. We are conveniently located in downtown Salt Lake City near the freeway and just a few miles from Salt Lake International Airport. Once you are registered as a patient with us you’ll just need to have a brief consultation with one of our pharmacists. You may schedule your consultation ahead of time but walk-ins are accepted as well. And although your discussion with the pharmacist can be as brief as you would like, we do recommend utilizing their knowledge while you have them. Even if you’re a veteran patient, they may have something new to teach you.

As a registered patient you’ll be able to start making purchases immediately after speaking with the pharmacist. Make sure you sign up for our patient portal so you can place orders online for pick up or delivery. If you choose to take advantage of our wide-ranging delivery service, make sure the address you need your products delivered to matches what is currently in the Utah EVS. Your address can still be updated at any point after you have been approved for your card.

Whether you’re coming here to sample the snow, or simply to see the sights, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the first dispensary in Utah. Dragonfly Wellness has a mission to empower our patients to take control of their health. And that mission doesn’t have borders.

— Quick Guide

1. Create a Utah EVS account at*

2. Upload your out of state medical card. You must be diagnosed with a qualifying condition as determined by Utah law. Visit our FAQ page for a list of qualifying conditions.

3. Make a payment and await review. The current cost of submitting an out of state card application is $15. The review process can take up to a week to complete so submit your payment early.

4. Have a consultation with our pharmacist. You can schedule an appointment ahead of time but walk-ins are also welcome. You will be able to make purchases immediately after your consultation.

Pro-Tip: Email your dates of travel to the Department of Health ahead of time at so they can make sure your card is approved in time for your stay!

*If you have any issues creating your Utah EVS account, try using the following guide from the Department of Health: Utah Medical Cannabis Cards for Non-Utah Residents.

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