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Green Wednesday: A Tradition of Necessity

By Corey Morrill

October 1, 2022

It’s two hours before Thanksgiving dinner. Your weird uncle is on his way. What do you do? You could start preparing your arguments ahead of time in the shower. That’s where you always have your best thoughts. But having an argument with your family at dinner every year is a war of attrition you don’t want to take part in. Why not relax, medicinally? Just don’t forget that the dispensaries are going to be closed on Thanksgiving. Us industry folk have family to spend time with too after all. It would be wise to make sure you’re stocked up for the day. And now you know why we made Green Wednesday.

Although it’s only been around for a few years, this particular cannabis holiday has a much clearer origin than the more well-known 4/20. Green Wednesday was made because the vast majority of dispensaries nationwide, particularly us dispensaries in Utah, are closed on Thanksgiving. Therefore, medical patients will have to make sure they have the products they need beforehand if they want to have a safety meeting with their cool cousin. And with the sudden influx in patients, we figure we should offer great savings as well.

Plus, there’s a chance your weird uncle is a patient himself. If not, maybe he should be! Try discussing that at the dinner table this year instead. Patients from other states can quickly obtain Utah medical cannabis cards for the duration of their visit. And with our location so near the airport, we would love to be your family’s first Utah dispensary. Just remember, Utah patients may not share cannabis products but they may occupy the same private property while medicating independently. Be safe this Thanksgiving!

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