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Welcome To Dragonfly Wellness!

Who We Are


We Are Wellness

We believe in empowering our patients and investing in our communities. Health and wellness is a journey you don't have to take alone. Let us help guide you along.


Here's Our Story:

We opened our doors in March 2020 to become Utah's first medical cannabis pharmacy. We fought hard to be one of Utah's only vertically-integrated cannabis companies so that we can stay involved with every step of our medicine, from seed to sale.

Besides being a vertically integrated company, our patient-first mentality is our greatest competitive advantage in the industry. We believe in taking the time to understand and educate our patients to help them find products that best suit their needs.

We are not backed by venture capitalists or big money; we rely on small, locally-based investors to push Dragonfly to be what it needs to be for the betterment of our patients and our community.

Core Values

Patient First

The best part of our day is seeing patients improve their quality of life with medical cannabis while other Western medicine has failed; it's why we do what we do.


If you've been with Dragonfly since the beginning, you have seen first-hand our love for innovation. We are always on the lookout to improve the overall patient experience.


Quality includes both product and service. Our exceptional service sets the bar high for other pharmacies and is something every patient can attest.


We do what is right by following our hearts, not the bottom line. We firmly believe that success without integrity is failure.

Learn & Grow

You won't find a team more knowledgeable about cannabis and its healing properties in all of Utah! Education is the key to destigmatizing cannabis.

Always Connecting, Always Growing.

We strive to create opportunities for our patients, neighbors and employees to help their community. Every month, we highlight a local organization that is actively trying to improve the lives of those around us. We have developed a strong bond with our patients and staff – so when we highlight a new group, they always listen and try to understand how they can help. Here are a handful of the groups we have partnered with since we opened.

Logo for First Step House
Logo for the Last Prisoner Project
Logo for Peace House
Logo for Sacred Circle Healthcare
Logo for Utah Patients Subsidy Program
Logo for Nation Alliance on Mental Illness
Logo for Stop AAPI Hate
Logo for Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake

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